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CHI half-inchbolt.JPG (19843 bytes)CHI end cap starfish & screws243W.JPG (16092 bytes)"Interactive toys, games etc. don't last."  We hear it everywhere we go.  However, things that children can't touch and explore are not interesting to them.  So what can be done?

We design and manufacture each piece of art with the knowledge and understanding that it is going to be subjected to extreme abuse.
The bolt in the photo at the left  holds the red starfish in place. It is a massive one-half inch in diameter.  The bolt is fitted with nylon bushings which will allow the starfish to spin freely for decades. 

CHI end cap back side2 tn.JPG (11068 bytes)CHI end cap unpainted-TN.JPG (15105 bytes)CHI endcap-girl 131W.jpg (17198 bytes)


The completed starfish end cap is literally indestructible.  Short of hitting it with a sledge hammer, it cannot be broken.  You can pound it, kick it, pull it, twist it and it will not break. 

Over one hundred and fifty hardended steel screws were used to assemble the starfish and end cap.   Of equal importance, is the fact that  there are no exposed screws, nuts or bolts.  So even with tools it cannot be taken apart.

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