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Which way are we suppose to go?

Finding your way around a hospital can be quite difficult because... 
* Verbal directions can be hard to hear, understand and remember.
* The names of various departments sometimes use medical terms and words that are difficult to pronounce and/or understand.
* If you can't read English, written information is of little value.
* Sometimes the path between where you are and where you want to go is complicated.
* Older buildings may consist of several additions creating  "unusual" circulation patterns.

Teddy no room number-tn.JPG (12877 bytes) BUTTON red rt. arrow.GIF (901 bytes)       When you are trying to find your way, you really only need to know:
* Do I go up or down?
* Do I go right, left or forward?

This "way finder" tells you with out words: If you go to the right you will find the children's section of the hospital.

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