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SLCH village 400W.JPG (78456 bytes)For just a moment, imagine you are a child and you are thinking about going to the hospital... again.  It really doesn't matter if its for chemo or surgery or physical therapy.  You know that you will follow an adult who leads you into a scary room full of equipment that is suppose to help you, but also usually hurts you.

Now imagine a different scene.  Suppose you are a parent and your child has just had an operation on her leg and needs follow up physical therapy.  At the hospital, your child visits a playland village where everything is just her size.   There are other children making a train go around the small village... and a girl is driving down the street in a pedal car... and there is a bridge that goes to the ice cream store... and a school house where your child gets to be the teacher and writes the lessons on the board... and so many other fun things that you can hardly list them all.

Sure... its still gonna hurt, but its not a sterile room with a picture or two on the wall.
  Couldn't those dredful physical therapy parallel bars be the railing for the bridge that goes to the ice cream shop?  And, couldn't there be a refrigerator with real ice cream in the ice cream shop?  And, why couldn't those little cars be designed so they strengthen weak legs when the children play with them?  And, why couldn't writing words on the black board increase the range of motion of an injured arm.  And, when children use the "lat pull downs" couldn't they make a monkey jump up and down instead of making a weight go up and down?  Why indeed! 

What would it be like, if the entire hospital experience was designed for the emotional as well as the physical needs of a child?  Imagine if you can, a child looking forward to going to the hospital.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  Is such an experience  possible? 

Can you catch the vision?  Dream the dream?  Is your facility ready for this kind of thinking?  Are you  cutting-edge material?  Do your administrators and board members have vision?  Could your foundation raise the required funds?  Is there a donor who would give a thousand or two... or several million to see a dream come true?  Are there members of your staff that that can provide the necessary leadership to utilize this kind of facility?  If so we would like to be part of your team.  Let's work together and take children's healthcare to places no one has ever seen before. 

Big dreams and little dreams come true all the time.  Sometimes in one big rush and sometimes in small steps.  If you don't think that this is true... just look around.   People like you and Kay and I, built the pyramids... they sailed around the world in tall ships... they went to the moon.  It all starts with a dream.  I can remember sitting on my mother's lap, and I can still hear her voice "and the little train said, I think I can, I think I can." 

Our lives are like paintings.  Each time we do something, we put a bit more paint on the canvas.  With this in mind lets create a masterpiece!


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