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We would like to offer you the chance to win a piece of interactive art from our studio and a design consultation for your facility on any project of your choice .  The retail value of the art will be well over two hundred dollars.  The value of the design consultation... priceless!  At this time, we are offering ten prizes per year on a first come first serve basis.  Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity.  To win your prize, simply answer the following ten easy questions about our company correctly.  All of the information you need is located on this web site.

We have two reasons for offering this prize:

The first reason is that we have made a commitment to support organizations that help children.  We are charitable people, and each year we support several organizations in a variety of ways.  In short, life has been good to us, and we want to give something back.

The second reason is, that each time you see our art in your facility, you will have a pleasant memory of our company.  In addition, we hope that you will be so impressed with the quality and durability of our art, and our friendly and professional service that you will consider contacting us when you begin the planning process for a new building, an addition or a remodeling program and need design services.


1. HOME PAGE:  We created Blueberry Sunrise because we ____ ________.

2. HOME PAGE:  Children play with and interact with our designs.  We want them to analyze how they work, imagine wonderful thoughts and learn about their world.  We want to light up their eyes and ______ _____ _____

3. OUR MISSION:  Blueberry Sunrise L.L.C. desires to become a international design firm producing unique projects of exceptional quality that _______ ________.

4. OUR GOALS:  What happens when you click on any of the eight pictures in this section?

5. OUR GOALS #1:  Design, fabricate and install projects with the highest ______ standards within our ability. 

6. OUR GOALS #5: Big dreams and little dreams come true all the time.  Sometimes in one big rush and sometimes in small steps.  If you don't believe us... just look around.    People like you and Kay and I, built the pyramids... they sailed around the world in tall ships... they went __ ___ ____.  It all starts with a dream.  I can remember sitting on my mother's lap, and I can still hear her voice "and the little train said, I think I can, I think I can."   HINT: CLICK THE PICTURE.

7. OUR GOALS #8:  Devise "way finding" systems and signage that rely on visual information rather than _______ _____ when possible.

8. LETTERS:  Dear John and Kay... I just wanted to express our appreciation for your incredible _______.

9.  THE DESIGN PROCESS:   Establish that the cost of changes in the design beyond this point are costly and are to be paid for by the ______.

10. CARE AND FEEDING OF ARTISTS: Please note: this is NOT a good time to be overly ________.

You may submit your answers via email ______________________ or call us on our toll free phone number _______________________.  Good Luck!

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