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Fairy girl daisy hat red-TN.JPG (14991 bytes) Blueberry

is an enchanted land where children laugh and play.  Join us and perhaps together, we Can create places and spaces where Curiosity And delight are commonplace and where children want to return again and again.


We are John and Kay Silva.  We established Blueberry Sunrise LLC to bring joy and happiness to children.   We specialize in doing work for organizations that help and delight children such as: hospitals, libraries, guesthouses, museums, parks, schools, playgrounds, zoos, and daycare centers.

Our goal is to provide high quality designs to various entities that serve children.  One of our most beneficial services is to help adults step back in time to their own childhood and see their facilities through the eyes of a child.   The reason that this is so important is that children process information differently than adults, and they have different needs. 

CHI beanie mobile trapeze 100W 2-22-02.JPG (7809 bytes)When children enter a building or a room they quickly determine if it is for "kids."  If it is, then they want to know... what there is to do?   Our objective is to design environments in such a way that children know that this space is for them and that there are things for them to do.

We use interactive and educational art, wall sculptures, mobiles, art furniture, masks, photo-op panels, dolls, activity books, life-size games and other techniques to fascinate, amuse and entertain children.  By providing interesting and intriguing experiencial art, children will want to return again and again to your facility. 

We want children to play with and interact with our designs.   We want them to analyze how they work, imagine wonderful thoughts and learn about their world.  We want to light up their eyes and tickle their minds. 


Our greatest joy is to see a child spot one of our creations and run to it, touch it, study it, and figure it out.  When a design attracts children like a magnet and holds their interest, we know we did it right.  This is the yardstick by which we measure our success. 


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Blueberry Sunrise LLC appreciates your interest in our company and its creations.  We also realize that it is important for you to be able to see examples of our work so it can be evaluated.  However, it is important for you to understand that all drawings, sketches, sculptures, images, mobiles, photographs, models, etc. displayed on this web site are the intellectual property of Blueberry Sunrise LLC.  Furthermore, please understand that all work is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or utilized in whole or part  in any way without our expressed written permission and that all rights are reserved .

Thank you in advance for respecting our property, and treating us fairly.

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A POEM: Blueberry Sunrise

Butterfly&blue flower&brown background-TN.JPG (35861 bytes)Poet, John Silva

Each new day, the sun feeds her children with golden nectar.  Her heart pulsating and on fire... driven in her mission and exploding with joy and pride and bursting with love.

Her charges cover the earth with a blanket of life, and they yearn for the sunrise and anticipate her warm kisses.  Her gentle touch stirs each leaf and flower from its sleep as her light dances from bud to stem in a dazzling display... awakening nature's bounty.

As each tiny petal unfolds, the cycle of life continues... electrons whirling, molecules multiplying... all hurrying to their destiny.  The diminutive blueberry growing, juicy and round, tasting sweet and tart... a gift of sustenance and delight from our creator.

Likewise, we at Blueberry Sunrise LLC hope to bring joy and happiness to all we serve.

Answer to riddle 1: 1987 pennies are worth $19.87 and 1964 pennies are worth $19.64.

U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes)PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

Blueberry Sunrise LLC offers several levels of service:

For a limited time, we will evaluate designs under consideration that were either done in house or by another design firm.  This enables you to get an alternative point of view and hopefully a better product without any additional cost.

One of the most important services, that we provide, is to help you evaluate the child friendliness of your facilit
y.   We offer a self-evaluation packet that will assist you in evaluating your facility.  If requested, we can make an on site visit and prepare a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your facility.  We can also evaluate your existing art and determine if it is being used to its full potential.  In addition, we can conduct an in-service workshop providing opportunities for discussion and/or brain storming.

By analyzing how your current spaces relate to children, and interviewing administration, staff, parents, and patients, we can make recommendations as to how to proceed factoring in such variables as budget, ease of implementation, priority sequencing, and assist you with fund raising strategies. 

We can design and implement unique way finding systems that are fun and easy to use.

As your designer, we can take general recommendations from your staff, program or master plan and provide you with specific solutions that will appeal to your primary clients... children.  The end product will be various types of conceptual drawings i.e. plans, elevations and perspectives.

Perhaps, you have artisans and craftspeople on you staff or that you have utilized in the past that have provided you with exceptional services.  In that case, we can provide you with detailed fabrication drawings that will allow them to construct our designs.

If you prefer, we can either fabricate the designs in our studio or we can select an appropriate fabricator and oversee their work.

We can install the work, arrange to have it installed, or you can install it yourself.

An alternative to having custom designs created for your facility, is to select pre-designed 2-D and 3-D art, mobiles, interactive art, educational art and art furniture for your facility from THE TREASURE CHEST OF IDEAS.   Contact us for pricing and other details.  Lastly, you can also select items from our

U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes)OUR MISSION

Blueberry Sunrise LLC desires to become a international design firm producing

unique projects of exceptional quality that delight children. 

U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes) THE TEN SECOND TEST

"THE TEN SECOND TEST":  In order for us to considered the various parts of our designs a success, each one must hold a child's attention for a minimum of ten seconds.  To experience this concept look at any object and count to ten slowly.  Was the object able to hold your attention for the full ten seconds?  Most pictures hanging on a wall cannot pass "The Ten Second Test."

CAN IT BE MOVED?  There are two reasons why we do not recommend murals.  The first reason: Paintings on a wall cannot usually pass the ten second test.  The second reason:  If the department must relocate, the art looses it appeal or the new staff would like something different
, fixed art is a significant limitation.

OUR EXPERIENCE: Observations, in the field, indicate that to be able to hold a child's attention for ten or more seconds the art or design must be either interactive or have an educational component.  We have coined the term "experiencial art" to describe this type of art, and we feel strongly that "experiencial art" will become widely utilized in the future.


U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes) OUR GOALS

 Click pictures for additional information

CHI seahorse no person100W 2-22-02.JPG (7417 bytes)1. Design, fabricate and install projects with the highest safety standards  within our ability. 


CHI table turttle-tn.JPG (10608 bytes)2. Produce projects with reasonable budgets and minimum maintenance.


3. Design art that has an educational component when possible. 
CHI end cap & boy 100W 2-23-02.jpg (12713 bytes)4. Create designs that engage, entertain and encourage children to interact with our art.

SLCH village 100W.JPG (14736 bytes)5. Assist our clients in becoming nationally recognized leaders in their fields. 


CHI half-inchbolt-tn.JPG (7459 bytes)6. Manufacture products that are remarkably durable.

CHI precious I & II 2-tn.JPG (11782 bytes)7. Create child friendly spaces that are imaginative, captivating and beautiful.  

Answer to riddle 2: It was built on the north pole.                            

Teddy room number tn.JPG (13651 bytes)8. Devise "way finding" systems and signage that rely on visual information rather than written words when possible.



U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes) QUALITY IS MORE THAN A WORD

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3-D turtle sketch-TN.JPG (25746 bytes)Creative ideas are wonderful... however, making art that is "bullet proof" is more important.
3-D turtle sm parts2 TN.JPG (19418 bytes)If we think ten screws will do the job, we use twenty.   Striving for excellence requires effort and expense. 
3-D unpainted turtle-TN.JPG (29273 bytes)Over two hundred screws and industrial strength glue hold this turtle together.  Screw heads are either concealed or covered with epoxy.
3-D turtle primer-TN.JPG (14363 bytes)Preparing the surface is an important part of the process requiring that the material be sanded with increasingly finer sandpaper until all imperfections are removed.




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CHI Amy Letter 1-9-02 LOGO.JPG (10453 bytes)

CHI Amy Letter 12-27-00 LOGO.JPG (10445 bytes)

CHI Amy Letter 11-3-00 LOGO.JPG (10528 bytes)

Answer to riddle 3: A towel

U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes) THE DESIGN PROCESS

Pre-design Design Detail Drawings Fabrication Installation
  • Meet with the client to document the various needs.
  • Develop the program... a written list of requirements.
  • Establish the budget.
  • Provide a retainer so the work can begin.
  • Develop design  concepts and sketches.
  • Meet with the client to review the designs.
  • Revise concepts and sketches and schedule additional meetings as required.
  • Finalize the design, budget and the scope of work.  For example, consultation, design, fabrication and/or installation
  • Establish that changes in the design beyond this point are costly and are the responsibility of the client.
  • Develop detail drawings from which the design will be produced.
  • Work out all details required to make the project as "bullet proof" as possible
  • Purchase materials, cut, trim and shape each element of the design.
  • Assemble the parts of the project into the final product
  • Apply the finishes to the project
  • Pack and crate the finished art.
  • Ship or deliver the art.
  • Install the art.


As clients, you can be an enormous help, if you understand how designers and artists work, and you follow a few simple guide lines.

The creative process is not linear.  A design does not automatically flow from point A to point B.  Often the path acts more like a pin ball with ideas ricocheting off bumpers at warp speed... bells ringing and lights flashing... ideas sucked into black holes and flippers slapping thoughts right and left ... the palms sweat and the heart pounds...... and on it goes... until the process is finally finished.

Sometimes the ideas come in such a stream, you can't write them down fast enough... sometimes you hit a wall... sometimes you go on a tear working 16, 18, even 20 hours a day... day after day until you can't make your body go any more, you finish or the inspiration stops.  It is stressful, frustrating and exhilarating.   To make matters worse, the project often has a tight deadline, and it's a wild race to the finish.  Art is not a nine to five job. 

And, when the piece is finally completed, it's like giving birth to a baby.  Often, you are depleted and exhausted from the process while at the same time you are bursting with pride.  PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a good time to say I don't like it.

When an artist shows you their creation show please some interest and even some excitement... it is appropriate to say things like: Oh, what a clever idea and how interesting... and doesn't it look nice... also, remark as to how long it must have taken... and don't forget to mention how much skill it took... well, you get the idea.  And then... when you have done all that... then you can say, "but it's not what I wanted."

Regarding commissions, please remember that artists need to eat, have a place to sleep and have various other expenses.   You can help by paying reasonable fees for their work in a timely fashion.



Typically, we spend our summers in Chicago, and our winters in Arizona. 

BUTTON_red_square.jpg (866 bytes)  Click on the red button to see a compilation of interesting and innovative designs and ideas gathered from our travels around the country.



KAY'S face 2-25-02.JPG (8824 bytes)Kay is our office manager, and without her skill and effort we could not function.  Kay is also our computer person.  She keeps our system running which is no small task considering we are on the road six months of the year.  In addition to her left brain duties, she is also our doll maker.  She custom designs each doll and assembles their clothing as needed for each project.  However, her most difficult assignment is keeping John on track.  Please contact her regarding business matters or to schedule appointments.
John's Head Vertical-tn.JPG (9321 bytes)On the other hand, John is the designer and artist... you can usually find him about two blocks northwest of fantasyland discussing his latest project with trolls and fairies.  His job is to come up with designs that make kids giggle and jump and clap their hands.  Responses from adults are somewhat more subdued and sophisticated.  If John has done his job the "big kids" usually say things like "Isn't that just wonderful?" or "That is so creative".  For John, this is as good as it gets.  Please contact him regarding visual and laughing matters.

Answer to riddle 5: He was playing Monopoly


Coming Soon

U.S._star.jpg (1371 bytes)CONTACT US:

U. S. MAIL Blueberry Sunrise L.L.C.
12801 Golf View Drive
Huntley, IL  60142
Telephone: 847-669-3978 (Huntley, IL)
520-818-0791 (Oro Valley, AZ)
Cell Phone: 708-250-9515 (John)
708-261-9515 (Kay)
Answer to riddle 4: They were playing tennis.

We would greatly appreciate your comments and/or suggestions regarding our web site.  



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Art Furniture

CHI medieval-table-chairs75H.jpg (9080 bytes)            CHI tropical-seats-75H.jpg (9845 bytes)     CHI end cap sketch-75H.JPG (8734 bytes)     CHI seahorse bench 75H.JPG (8568 bytes)
CHI Beanie baby mobile 75H.JPG (9456 bytes)       CHI octopus mobile 75H.jpg (9572 bytes)       CHI octo-mobile clown detail-t75H.jpg (7295 bytes)       CHI octopus mobile fish&girl 75H.jpg (6095 bytes)       CHI mobile six story 75H.GIF (1930 bytes)

Mayo monkey branch mobile 75H.jpg (6000 bytes)        Mayo hanging tree mobile 75H.JPG (9330 bytes)         eagle2-tn.jpg (1350 bytes)

Interactive Art
CHI waiting room sketch -BOARD GAME 75H.JPG (11705 bytes)       CHI waiting room MODEL photo-op 75H.JPG (12865 bytes)       CHI seaweed fish 75H.JPG (8826 bytes)        CHI CRAB 75H.JPG (8883 bytes)        CHI transport-train 75W.jpg (8288 bytes)       VCH interactive-robot-75H.jpg (5802 bytes)
Educational Art & Masks
Head with words shellac-tn 75W.JPG (9128 bytes)        head-of-words sketch 75H.jpg (10811 bytes)        king-tut-mask 75H.jpg (9371 bytes)
Multiracial, Multiethnic & Custom Made Dolls
CHI precious 75H 2-27-02.JPG (9721 bytes)  CHI hispanic doll 75H 2-27-02.jpg (7439 bytes)  DOLL asian 75H 2-27-02.jpg (6678 bytes)  Doll Anglo 75H 2-27-02.jpg (10452 bytes)  Doll afro with goggles 75H 2-27-02.jpg (10615 bytes)
Pre-Entrance and Entrance
SLCH driveway greeter 75HH.JPG (5853 bytes)   SLCH clown-building-greeter-tn.jpg (1485 bytes)   SLCH firefighter-greeters 75H.jpg (8182 bytes)   SLCH spinning-flower-garden plan-tn.jpg (10037 bytes)   SLCH 3-D spinning-flower-garden-tn.jpg (11014 bytes)   SLCH 15' bending clown 75H.jpg (7280 bytes)   SLCH clown 15' rolling ball 75H.jpg (10101 bytes)
Lobby and Information Desk
SLCH clowns-lobby 75H.jpg (10437 bytes)    SLCH clown monkeys-lights 75H.jpg (4463 bytes)    SLCH kids-elevator 75H.jpg (8735 bytes)    SLCH clowns-ceiling lights 75H.jpg (7663 bytes)    OCCH Choco exist 500W.gif (6739 bytes)    OCCH Info Desk Proposed SKETCH 75H.jpg (8222 bytes)
Wall Sculpture
LV elevator doors closed 75W.jpg (11809 bytes)    LV elevator doors open 75H.jpg (12056 bytes)    mri-before-75W.gif (2336 bytes)    mri-after-tn.jpg (11053 bytes)     Knoxville-75H.JPG (11148 bytes)
LV alien zorb-tn.jpg (1634 bytes)   LV alien ceiling walker-tn.jpg (1681 bytes)   SLCH kids-picture-frames-tn.jpg (7004 bytes)   LV alien big skirt-tn.jpg (1654 bytes)   LV alien wanna race-tn.jpg (1689 bytes)   LV alien wild hair-tn.jpg (1281 bytes)  
LV sunrise-wall-sculpture-tn.jpg (2631 bytes)       LV alien race with ck flag 75H.jpg (8742 bytes)      LV rockets-wall 75H.jpg (7003 bytes)      LV wall-sculpture 75H.jpg (7480 bytes)      LV boy space-wall-figure-tn.jpg (2650 bytes)
Signage and Way Finding
Teddy with room number 75H.JPG (8347 bytes)         CHI fish-rider-directions 75H.jpg (10049 bytes)         Teddy without room number 75H.JPG (8063 bytes)



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